Windows 7 Tips And Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows 7 Tips And Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

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The following describes the keyboard shortcuts available on the Windows 7 platform.


With the release of Windows 7 comes some pretty cool functionality, especially when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.  Some of the keyboard shortcuts have been around for a while.  Others are brand new and I’ll walk you through them.

Minimize All Windows

This command will minimize all currently open windows to your taskbar.  Performing this action again will restore all windows:

Win + M


This command will bring up the Find window:

Win + F

Window Walker

This command will silently walk through all the open windows:

Win + T

Window Switch

This command will switch (isolate) through all open windows.  Add the “Shift” key to walk in reverse order.  Stay stationary on an item long enough and Windows will isolate that window:

Alt + Tab

Windows Mobility Center

This command will bring up the Windows Mobility Center:

Win + X

Windows Task Manager

This command will bring up the Windows Task Manager:


Show Desktop

This command will show the desktop removing all windows from view.  This command is very similar to Minimize All Windows.  Performing this action again will restore all windows.

Win + D

3D Window Peek

This command is new in Windows 7 and will allow you to show all your currently open windows in a 3D cascade.  Continue hitting the “tab” key to cycle forward through the windows.  Add the “shift” key and cycle through them in reverse:
Win + Tab

System Properties

This command brings up the System Properties dialog:

Win + Pause/Break

Lock Windows

This command locks Windows:

Win + L

Quick Display Change

This command sbrings up the quick display change dialog:

Win + P

Windows Explorer

This command brings up the Windows Explorer:

Win + E

Run Prompt

This command brings up the run prompt:

Win + R

Ease of Access Center

This command brings up the Ease of Access Center:

Win + U

Quick Window Control

These commands are new to Windows 7 and control how the window behaves in relation to your screen:

Win + Up Arrow (Maximizes Current Window)

Win + Down Arrow (Restores Current Window)

Win + Left Arrow (Fit window left half screen)

Win + Right Arrow (Fit window right half screen)

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